Eco Tourism



What exactly is ecotourism? According to the International Eco-Tourism Association (TIES), Eco-Tourism can be defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, promotes the well-being of local people, and includes interpretation and education.”

Scarabus Farm Eco – Tourism – This is exactly the concept implemented by Scarabus Farm. Here on the farm you live in harmony with nature. Ecological fruit and vegetable growing serves self-sufficiency and also promotes community coexistence. The same goes for keeping chickens, an essential element of self-sufficient living. Fresh eggs every day, how wonderful. Fresh food straight from the garden. You just have to try this flavor. By nature, food produces it without genetic engineering or other flavor enhancers, pesticides, or other chemicals. Pure natural products through the application of the permaculture concept. Find out how you can apply this concept in your small garden or patio. Questions will be gladly answered and help will be given. The food grown is not only used for self-sufficiency, but is also exchanged between neighbors for milk, other types of vegetables, and fruit that has not been grown themselves, or for bread. True to our motto: Sharing is cariıng!