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Scarab beetles are according to the ancient Egyptian culture a symbol of creation and the renewal of life.

An adult scarab beetle lays its eggs inside a ball of dung, which is then carried around. It is rolling its dung ball in the morning sun on a linear disk throughout the day to the underground. Young beetles emerge from it fully formed and thus they were considered to have been created from nothing. 

The scarab hieroglyph, Khypri, was used as the most popular form of amulet in ancient Egyptian history to represent various ideas such as existence, emergence, development, growth and prestige.

This behavior of the scarab is related to our own farm as well. It’s very important to us as we use our dung in our farm as fertilizer for trees. It is very beneficial to plants and soil directly, and therefore beneficial to us. That’s why we call ourselves scarabus and our farm Scarabus Farm. We chose an English name to be international because we have too many foreign tourists, friends and volunteers coming around the world.


Our farm is located in Sakarya, 200 km far from Istanbul. It is surrounded by the forest and is very quiet. The village we live in is in Kadıköyü (name of the village) a part of Pamukova. Our farm is approximately 8 acres and has around 300 fruit small trees. In addition, we planted various medicinal plants and vegetables on our land. We can make our own yogurt, cheese, detergente, vinegar, etc. on the farm. We are doing it by ourselves. Our aim is to establish a sustainable system and stop buying. There is no grocery store or market in our village. We have a car in case anything happens and the nearest hospital is 7 km away from us.

We bought this land 4 years ago started to implement a sustainable farm. We built several wooden houses, a yoga platform, an open kitchen, a bathroom and a compost toilet. We also built an oven and a stove, on which we are cooking our meals. On the farm you will also find a solar heating water system and an electrical power system – resources purely provided by nature.  

Furthermore, together with volunteers all over the world, we built few years ago a so called straw house. In there you can find several sleeping alcoves, a big living room, a comfortable kitchen and a little bathroom. 

Currently two dogs are living with us on the farm. Several chickens and ducks are also part of the team. 


On our farm, we are providing workshops about composting, compost toilet, vegetable growing, soil improvement, vinegar, how to produce yogurt & cheese and much more to adults or children. We organize events about sustainable farm life, house constructions and the implementation of solar energy and water systems. 

Sharing is caring. We want to share all the information we know and learned in the past for a better universe. Don’t consume, produce by yourself. 

In addition we are selling our products for providing non genetical changed alimentation and non chemical products to the visitors and volunteers. You can taste and feel the difference. Let’s try it. 

Of course you can also order our products online. Have a look into our Shop. One remark in advance, transportation is nothing which is related to a sustainable lifestyle – for sure. So we are making sure, that you receive your products on the most sustainable way. In cooperation with climate neutral delivering logistic partners, we will deliver the products in the most natural friendly way. 

You can experienced a sustainable farm life.



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Our Team


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